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New York Healthcare Insurance Company RRG

New York Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention Group is a stock insurance company owned by its members who consist of long-term care facilities.

State of Domicile: DC
Operating States: NY, CT, NJ
Lines of Coverage: Medical Professional Liability (MPL), General Liability (GL)
> MPL up to $1,000,000 / $3,000,000;
> GL $1,000,000 / $2,000,000
Reinsurance AM Best Rating: Lloyds and London Reinsurers “A”
Underwriting Guidelines: Long Term Care Facilities
Capital Contribution Amount: 50% of 1st year fully mature claims made premium

For additional information or to access this program please contact Risk Services. 

Nothing contained on this website should be construed as a solicitation to sell or provide insurance in any jurisdiction where this RRG program has not registered to do business pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act.



Michael T. Rogers
Chairman and CEO
T: 800-226-0793
F: (941) 906-7538


Troy Winch
Vice President
T: 800-226-0793
F: (941) 373-1191



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